Lacrosse Sonnet

Had to write a sonnet for language arts class, so of course, I wrote it¬†about lacrosse ūüėČ

The purpose of a sport as rough as Lacrosse
Is not to appease boys’ desire for chaos

The point of a game as violent as it
Remains to prepare our warriors for war‚ÄĒ
Despite the carelessness in each hit
And the seemingly absent pride in each score

Through game after game they cease to cower
Since the warriors of this sport are a whole new breed‚ÄĒ
A ready lacrosse team’s an unstoppable power
A team bound through brotherhood and the blood that they bleed

Lacrosse is more than a silly old sport
It‚Äôs not just a game played for fun‚ÄĒ
The field is a warfront, the sidelines home port
Each score’s a victory, so you cheer as you run

Tewaaraton Award Finalists for 2015!!

The finalists for the 2015 Tewaaraton Award were announced just recently! The ones for girls lacrosse are: Taylor Cummings, Shannon Gilroy, Sarah Mannelly, Barbara Sullivan, and Kayla Treanor.

All of these players are phenomenal and I loved watching them play this season! Wishing each and every one of them luck :). Can’t wait¬†to see who wins!!

You can read Lacrosse Magazine’s article on the finalists¬†here.


Going to go watch my highschool’s girls lacrosse team in the playoffs! I’m not sure which team I know more people on though… ūüėČ This will be a fun one to watch – some of my close friends are on the opposing team. Can’t wait to see who wins!

I just can’t get enough

There is definitely something extremely addicting about lacrosse — I just can’t get enough of it. Every practice day, I get excited about being back on the lacrosse field, imagining thrusting my lacrosse stick forward and watching the ball sail into the back of the net in slow motion as a surge of elation fills my body with happiness. The kind of feeling I get whenever I play lacrosse.

I am sooooo¬†excited to be playing a ton of lacrosse this summer… I will be on the¬†Georgia team this summer at the Brine National Lacrosse Classic and I can’t wait! It will be so much fun to see if I can remember friends¬†from last year, and make new ones¬†as well. Hope to see lots of familiar faces!! I really just can’t get enough of lacrosse! :)

Champion Challenge!!

Champion Challenge was a blast this year!! The clinic with team USA was great! I got to do cool stick tricks that I had never tried before. I had a ton of fun battling girls for ground balls. I even learned a new dodge that I had never heard of before!



The games were exciting as well! It was awesome to watch the U-19 national girls play a division I team, and team USA play Syracuse. Both games were exciting to watch!!


There was a¬†really awesome fundraiser for the U-19 national team as well… check out the Goose Sports website soon for an article all about it! So inspirational!!


Spilled my¬†shaved ice¬†all over the floor as well… right after I dropped my spoon and said¬†that I was not going to drop anything else…¬†always starting my day right¬†ūüėČ

Game time

Day two of President’s Cup is complete. The second I showed my card and scanned my finger at the entrance of ESPN’s Wide World of Sports, I could tell it was game time. The atmosphere was like a heavy current of determination tackling each of the players. Their faces, their body language, their talk, their jitters, their play . . . it was GAME TIME. It was time for them to play their hearts out.

Also met someone nicknamed Moose! Moose & Goose :)image (13)

Bring it on

It started at the sound of a horn – and they were off. 6:30pm, 65 degrees . . . and pitch black. The ball took flight – hard and fast, like the bullet of a gun chasing its target. Shouts from both sides of the field . . . blurs of figures sprinting like its the last moment of their lives . . .

FUN: hundreds of smiles and giggles overwhelmed the Wide World of Sports. MOTIVATION: it was time to bring your A-game, and in the games I watched, they BROUGHT IT! DETERMINATION: you could just see it in their eyes, on their faces, their expressions – it was time to FIGHT, to BRING IT, and to BATTLE like it was your LAST GAME! ADRENALINE: a mixture of FUN, MOTIVATION, and DETERMINATION encouraged a cyclone of adrenaline and excitement among the players, coaches, and parents . . . bring it on.


A Fish Out of Water

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Being a¬†middle school athlete in a high school athlete’s habitat is like being a fish out of water. But sometimes stepping outside your comfort zone is the best thing to do, even if you can’t breathe for a while, even if you feel like you’re suffocating with nervousness and being overwhelmed with fear.High school lacrosse is much more intense than middle school, and just do the math: me + intensity = happiness. I’m sure glad I stepped out of my comfort zone.

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Same game, different culture.¬†These girls are fun and awesome to hang out with, but when it’s game time, it’s game time. Picture a whole personality change – from silly¬†to serious. I love it!

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Same skills and deficits, different evaluation.¬†Plays I don’t know, offenses I don’t recognize – it always seems to bring out my deficits and what I don’t do as well. But these players and coaches are happy to help and ready another player to fight in these constant intense battles!

I love playing high school lacrosse!!

Sky Walkers Evaluation

Zzzzzzzhloooshhhhhzzzzhloooooshhhhhhh… Flying to practice is an interesting experience. Yep, I slept the whole flight.


Lucky for me, I have an awesome aunt who keeps a handy futon for me!

Birds chirping, sky a perfect shade of teal – way to paint the perfect picture for¬†a lacrosse practice… With such a large variety of playing styles and levels, practice was flipped into an action-packed adventure. Sweaty hugs all around. ūüėõ

I still owe the coach a picture of my little sister, Madison… :)