Sky Walkers in the Newspapers!

Sky Walkers are in the newspapers! And the alumnae are striving to be weekly best players! Check out who’s achieving these great feats!

The Baltimore Sun – Athlete of the Week
Others Considered:
4/1 – Liza Liotta – St. Paul ’s School for Girls (Sophomore)
4/15 – Haley Hicklen – Towson High School (Junior)
College Lacrosse Weekly Conference Honors
The college conferences select their best player every week! Here are the Sky Walker graduates who are a part of that crew:
Week of March 24th
Centennial Conference – Offensive Player of the Week – Caroline Krohn (SW ’10) – Franklin & Marshall
Week of April 14th
American Lacrosse Conference – Rookie of the Week – Sammi Burgess (SW ’13) – University of Florida
Big South – Offensive Player of the Week – Emma Sissman (SW ’12) – Davidson

Blue vs. Orange

Tonight, a local game took place – blue vs. orange. Total annihilation. Ending score was 20-2, orange in winning position.
With the given conditions (blue in the loosing position all game), blue hustled phenomenally. Their enthusiasm barely faltered throughout the match.
Orange had some offenses that did not work. The problem was that they were all only one step. What they SHOULD be doing is having more complex offenses (if any) that consist of lots of passing and catching the goalie off guard.
Overall, I learned several things from watching this game! :)

HTML Website

As most of you already know . . . I am remaking the Goose Sports website with HTML (Hyper-text Markup Language - computer coding)! It has been going really well and I hope to enhance my coding skills further, as I still have another quarter of the web design class I am taking ahead of me! Here is a sneak peek of the home page and what is coming:

Short Update

The basketball season is ending, with a huge improvement in my ‘no-hesitation’ goal! While it was fun, I am glad to not have as many activities. With Cyber Patriot, Sea Cadets, and rec lacrosse as well, my schedule has been crazy! :)

Lax Today

Today was insane. Sand cookies (jumping in the water and rolling around in the sand) wore me out… it was great. Then I had my basketball game, and I didn’t get to take a shower or anything before going to it, sooooooo my hair looked like it was straw glued to my head with lice (or whatever the parents thought the sand was) in my hair… I was laughing so hard ;). Then I got to my rec lacrosse game halfway through, but it was still fun ;). I mean, it’s lacrosse!

And then there’s this…
I can NOT wait for this upcoming summer! SO MUCH LACROSSE AHEAD!!!!!!!!!! Sky Walkers, lacrosse camp, and national tryouts.

Here is an update for the Goose Sports main website:
I am currently in web design class, where I am learning HTML, CSS, and other programming languages needed for a great website! Hopefully, I will have a new, improved, and AWESOME website by 2015. Also, I am currently talking with the Director of Marketing and Development at Pace Brantley School, and she has some great design feedback for my website as well! Hope everyone likes it when I am finished with the final product! Have a nice rest of the weekend!!

Just Laxin!

Lacrosse is great! Champion Challenge was a big hit, and I hope to get it published in Lacrosse Magazine again! Also, yhe rec season is about to start games, and I can NOT wait for the summer, when I will travel to Baltimore to play with Sky Walkers… can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait, CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!

Basketball is, as coach Michael said, helping me – the only drawback is that some of my teammates and opponents think I’ve got some mental issues, as I’ve tried to cradle the basketball a few times… let me just tell you, it doesn’t work quite how it does in lacrosse; at least I haven’t hit anyone in the face yet with that issue! ;P


USA v. UNC x2!

The first game was extremely action-packed, and was recorded for ESPN3. USA won in sudden death OT after an intense shot-after-shot war, so fast the ball would change possession or fly in the goal before I could finish my tweets. …Don’t forget the girls screaming: “GO OOSAH!!” (Oosah meaning USA with a funny twist). We call them the ‘gaggle.’ (Pic below.) They know how to cheer on a team! They were yelling out names, USA, and just screaming in general; it was awesome ;). It was a GREAT weekend for women’s lacrosse and an inspiring weekend for girls all over Florida!!

So Many Famous People!

Yesterday was a ton of fun! Coach Fried let me have a picture with team USA, and I saw Coach Levy (UNC head coach) again; her daughter even attended the clinic! I also met Cookie, a former SkyWalker, UNC player, and current assistant coach of the University of Delaware, who now plays for team USA.

The clinic was so much fun! I really enjoyed doing stick tricks and getting to play with my friend Kathleen in goal. Don’t forget our hilarious team name: USA pronounced OOSUH.

After the clinic, Kathleen and I went and watched the Maryland v USA game; she was my photographer. J While she took awesome pictures of the game, I recorded the scores and some key things that happened; it was so cool! She took a lot of great action pictures of all the amazing players!


Finding Hope

It’s a freezing night in Florida… well more like a Floridian’s version of cold, as it is 50°, while Duke Winter Lacrosse Camp was probably in the 30s with intense wind… yeah, us Florida martians are soooo tough.

The Stetson v Syracuse game was… uh… interesting, considering Syracuse won 24-0, even after putting in their freshmen line. In addition, I had the privilege of speaking with the parents of freshmen players #42 and #35 (Syracuse), which was super cool! They explained to me how grades are worth so much more than one might assume.

Coach Fried (head coach of Team USA and Georgetown Hoyas) was nice enough to allow me to come over tomorrow morning for a picture with Team USA! So cool!